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Summer Sale on the App

From 29 July we are having a summer sale on the app, 7 days unlimited travel in zone A for just £9.99!

How will this affect your journey?

Routes 3, 4 & 32 are now on diversion and running to temporary timetables for the duration of the work. Read on to find out more ....

New more Route 24 starts 8th August

Your new link between Burton, Christchurch, River Way & st Catherine's Hill...

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network maps

Seen our blue buses in your area? We can take you into town and further too. Take a look at our maps.

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schools & colleges

We serve a number of schools and colleges. See if we serve yours. There are discounted bus fares available too.

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night buses

Our M1/M2 routes now run all night and all day to help get you home from work or back from that party!

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