an everlasting bus encounter!

Monday, February 13 2017

Feeling lonesome this Valentine’s Day? Don’t fret there are many ways to meet your perfect match! How about a modern day romance on more bus?!...

...So the story goes for married couple Alan, Lesley and pet labrador Daisy! The fate of this family wouldn’t be complete without Alan and Lesley’s first bus encounter during the hot summer of 2011, when they were both waiting for the more bus route 15 outside of Royal Bournemouth Hospital.

As regular travellers between work and home on route 15, they began chatting as part of the self-titled ‘bus buddies’ group!

“None of us knew each other, but we all journeyed regularly on that particular bus,” said Alan (54). After a while, the group of us started to chat, and it was a case of musical chairs on board, as some people left and others changed places to join in our discussions.
“I particularly looked forward to Lesley boarding the bus at her stop and I was a little jealous if she chose to sit next to one of the other guys, rather than me. It became quite noticeable that I’d only really start talking when she arrived and, even then, I would direct my conversation towards her.”

The bus buddies got to know each other so well, they arranged a meet up after work one evening to have a Christmas coffee and a ride on the merry-go-round.

“I realised I was starting to have strong feelings for Alan, and was trying to figure out a way to give him my number,” added Lesley. (61) “It wasn’t easy, but I solved the problem by giving my mobile number to all the bus buddies, in case we missed each other when we were meeting up.
“As luck would have it, there was one occasion when Alan and I were alone on the bus, and I took my opportunity to ask him if he had a wife or a girlfriend. I was delighted when he said ‘no’ to both."

From that moment on the two continued looking forward to their bus encounters - developing their relationship Lesley & Alan were happily married in 2013!

“It goes to show, there really is a chance to find love on the buses. We have Morebus to thank for our chance meeting - and I can’t think of a better place to celebrate Valentine’s Day!”

Good luck for your future Lesley and Alan and congratulations for your thoroughly modern romance on more!

Happy Valentine’s to all – you never know where your next bus encounter could take you!


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