Parkstone Road Gas Works - from 10th September

Friday, September 07 2018

UPDATE: These works are due to finish during the day on Friday 16th November. As a result, our services will continue to divert for the rest of the day. Services will return to normal route from the beginning of the day on Saturday 17th November.

From 10th September, gasworks will begin on Parkstone Road affecting our services in two phases. 

Phase two - from 10th October until 8th January

Churchfield Road will open on the morning of Wednesday 10th October and the lower section of Birds Hill Road will close immediately after. From 11am on Wednedsay until the remainder of this diversion, the RouteONE will be diverted via Churchfield Road.

The following bus stops will be affected:

  • Churchfield Court (E-bound, on Parkstone Road) - customers should use the temporary stop on Churchfield Road for RouteONE. The 20, 60 and U2 will remain unaffected.
  • Landsell Court (E-bound) - customers should use the Birds Hill Road stop further up for the RouteONE
  • Poole Park Middle Gate (W-bound) - will remain closed until the temporary lights are removed, anticipated to be Sunday
  • White Lodge (E-bound) - customers should use Birds Hill Road bus stop for 20, 60 or U2

We thank you for your patience during this time.

60 (Purbeck Breezer)

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