Wimborne Charity Parade Closure/Diversion - 8th December

Thursday, December 06 2018

Due to the Wimborne Charity Parade taking place on 8th December between 0700 and 1800, Wimborne Square will be closed to all traffic.


The 3 coming in towards Wimborne will not be affected.

The 3 towards Poole will start from the Ambulance Station roundabout instead of the Square.


The 4 coming in towards Wimborne will follow its normal route before terminating at the Ambulance Station roundabout.

The 4 towards Poole will not be affected.


The 13 coming in towards Wimborne will terminate at the Ambulance Station roundabout.

The 13 towards Bournemouth will turnaround at the Ambulance Station roundabout and commence its journey from the Police Station.

Between 1400 and 1500

Additionally, between 1400 and 1500, there will be a further diversion. The following stops will not be served:

Route 4

Oakley Road

Canford Bridge

Saville Court

The Coach and Horses

The Quarter Jack Surgery

Route 13

St Johns Hill

St Johns Church 

The Quarter Jack Surgery

During this time, customers will need to use the Ambulance Station (4), Oakley House (4) or Police Station (13) stops.

We apologise for any inconvenience during this time.


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