Culliford Crescent Diversion: 18th-19th February.

Wednesday, January 30 2019

 Due to Road resurfacing our 5&6 services will be required to divert.

Service 5&6 will continue past Culliford Crescent, along Canford Heath Road. 

 At the Ashdown Roundabout. Buses will turn towards Asda and serve the Asda bus stops and the Portersham way stops.

Services will perform a reverse manoeuvre into Walditch Gardens to resume normal routing. 

 Passengers are advised at these stops to wait on their usual side of the road when boarding services.

 This unfortunately means we will be unable to serve the following stops.

Marshwood Avenue

Knowlton Road

Nearest alternative stops will be-

 Portersham Way for Marshwood Avenue.

 Chaldon Road for Knowlton Road. 

We apologise for any inconvinence.

5 & 6

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