tickets straight to your phone

With the clickit2ride mobile app you can buy and store bus tickets on your mobile. Simply scan your phone under the ticket machine when you board. This handy feature makes bus travel so much more convenient, as you won't have to worry about having the right amount of cash on the day of travel. All your favourite ticket types are available too.

We will often run special offers that are only available via the app, so check it regularly!

how does it work?

Follow the steps below to get your easy to use app.

  1. open up Google Play  on your Android phone or the App store  on your Apple phone and search for: clickit2ride
  2. download the clickit2ride app
  3. sign up for an account
  4. once you have chosen and paid for your ticket with your debit or credit card, it's stored on your phone - you can buy tickets to travel on the same day or in advance
  5. our new mobile app features allow you to even gift tickets to family & friends
  6. when you get on the bus show your phone screen clearly to the driver. Our revenue protection staff may sometimes get on board and will need to see the ticket on your phone.

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tickets available on the app...

Day/night tickets and period passes

Period tickets are only valid for consecutive calendar days travel and not for 24 hour periods.

  m1/m2 Zone A Zone AB Zone ABC
Adult Dayrider £3.70 £3.90 £6.00 £8.80
Group Dayrider -- £10.50 £15.00 £23.00
Weekender -- £7.50 £11.00 £16.00
3 day -- £8.00 -- --
7 day £12.00 £13.00 £16.50 £25.00
30 day £46.00 £52.00 £62.00 £94.00
90 day -- £135.00 £157.00 £215.00

multitrips and multiday tickets

  Zone A Zone AB
Multitrip (10 singles) £18.00 --
Multitrip (20 singles) £34.00 --
Multitrip (30 singles) £48.00 --
Multiday (5 dayriders) £18.00 £29.00
Multiday (10 dayriders) £35.00 £50.00
Multiday (20 dayriders) £70.00 £98.00

nightbus tickets

Nightbus single  £3.50
Adult Nightrider


Group Nightrider  £12.00


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only £8 - 3 days unlimited travel