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Ferndown to Ringwood via Heatherlands Estate, Ashley Heath

Horton Road Closure - 38 Diversion - 21st to 24th June

21st - 24th Jun

  • Affected routes:
  • 38

Between 9am and 4pm daily from Friday 21st until Monday 24th June, Horton Road in Ashley Heath will be closed due to a Council closure. As a result, the 38 will be diverted from Ashley Heath roundabout. Instead of taking Horton Road, services will continue along the A31 until it reaches the Little Chef roundabout where it will take the third exit and proceed along Woolsbridge Road. At the end of Woolsbridge Road, the service will return to normal route along Lions Lane. This will occur in both directions. All stops along Horton Road will not be able to be served. Customers should use alternative stops at The Glade or Ashley Heath Roundabout. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. ^JQ

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