Bournemouth Square stand changes

5 months ago Tue 9th Jun 2020

Image reading 'Bournemouth Square Gervis Place Stand Changes from Sunday 14th June'

To maintain social distancing, stands within Bournemouth Square/Gervis Place will be changing from Sunday 14th June. This will allow us to make your journey easier and safer.

Some stands within the Square will be fully out of use, whilst others will have their services moved.  To allow for social distancing for services picking up, some routes have been moved from Gervis Place to Westover Road.  We are unable to call there on any through service, so m1 m2 and 50 will no longer drop off or pick up here as this would lead to congestion for both buses and passengers. There will be new stops in Westover Road (next to the Pavilion Theatre) to allow our services and queues to spread out.

The X1, X2 and X3 will divert right out of Westover Road and run via St Peter's Church and Hinton Road before continuing to Lansdowne. Stop HH on Bournemouth Pier will no longer be served by these services. The 13 will continue to serve this stop as normal.

See map below:

Image of a map of the stand changes at Bournemouth Square

The following changes will take place from Sunday 14th June:

Route Destination Old Stand New Stand
m1/m2 Castlepoint/Southbourne P R
Poole W V
13 Wimborne U No change
16 Poole X U
17 Poole S R
32 Bournemouth Triangle W V
Poole P R
50 Bournemouth Station M No change
Swanage V T
X1/X2 Lymington Y Westover Road 3
X3 Salisbury T Westover Road 3

Please allow additional time to find your correct stand. 

We thank you for your patience.