Buggies on buses

We welcome customers with buggies on our buses and our fleet is low floor to help those with buggies to use our services more easily.

Please always ensure you:

  • Park your buggy or pushchair clear of aisle, and apply the brakes at all times.
  • Keep hold of your buggy or pushchair at all times.
  • Always stay with your child or buggy whilst on board.
  • Don't hang shopping or other bags on your buggy as this may cause it to tip over.

A bus is a moving vehicle. The actions of other road users could potentially cause our drivers to have to brake suddenly in an emergency, it is therefore essential to ensure your buggy or pushchair is secured at all times.

If a buggy is unable to be folded, we can provide a Helping Hand card that will discreetly advise the driver and ensure any assistance required is provided.