Make a positive change with morebus

1 year ago Mon 17th Feb 2020

Illustration image of a morebus superhero reading 'Be an eco-warrior. Make a positive change.'

A new report has revealed that Bournemouth is ranked the fourth most congested town or city in the country and we're launching a new campaign designed to encourage more commuters onto public transport.

The report by Tom Tom reveals that Bournemouth's traffic issues are only surpassed by those in Edinburgh, London and Brighton. In a bid to combat the problem, we want to empower our customers to have a #FeelGoodCommute.

As part of our Positive Change campaign, we are offering people the chance to travel anywhere within our zone A for just £2 a day. This is based on a 30 day travel ticket on our clickit2ride app or theKey.

There are so many great benefits of catching the bus with us:

  • Help fill a double decker and take 75 cars off the road
  • Ease congestion by leaving your car at home
  • Increase your daily steps on route to your bus stop
  • Enjoy free time for you as you travel
  • Take the stress out of your daily commute
  • Save on parking 
  • Pay the quick way - all our buses accept contactless
  • Catching the bus once a month could save over a million tonnes of CO2 emissions 
  • Help to combat loneliness by chatting to your fellow passengers 

Not only is catching the bus a more cost effective option to running a car, it’s also better for the environment.

We’re realistic in understanding the convenience and comfort of a car, however making a decision to switch from car to bus just one day a week can have a significant impact on your carbon footprint.

One full double decker bus can take up to 75 cars off the road every day, reducing harmful emissions and congestion. Why not read a book, enjoy a coffee, listen to music, catch up on emails, update your social – or just sit back and do absolutely nothing? Bliss.

Over the past two years we have invested £7.2 million in 41 newer, more efficient, buses for our M1 and M2 routes - with a further £1.23 million in five new double decker buses for our route 13 which arrived in September 2019.

With a Euro 6 diesel car emitting on average 10 times more NOx per km than a Euro 6 diesel bus, today buses play an important role in improving local air quality and are helping to make our towns cleaner places to live and work.

Help us make a positive change and bus more! Use our website to plan your journey now.