The morebus Community Fund is here

3 months ago Tue 31st Aug 2021

more community fund - at the heart of our community

Exciting news! We are offering our support to local charities, schools, sports teams and events organisers with our Community Fund

We’re proud to play an integral role within the local community, as well as providing award-winning bus services across the city, we endeavour to support and raise awareness for those doing excellent work on behalf of those living here. 

The Community Fund is open to everyone - from charities to sports teams - and we encourage anyone who needs a helping hand, however big or small, to apply. The Community Fund is open to applicants twice a year, during March and September where we will fund or support good causes up to the value of £500. To apply for the September 2021 allocation, apply here and provide details about your cause, what you need, and the difference this support might make to your organisation.

We hope the Community Fund will continue to offer a fair support process and allow us to build new relationships with worthy causes across the community.

Apply online today