Coronavirus Updates

4 months ago Thu 18th Jun 2020

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Last updated: Tuesday 18th August 2020 14:00

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the way we operate our buses has changed. We have amended many of our processes in order to keep our customers and our colleagues safe.

Hopefully you will find everything you need easily, but here is a handy FAQ quide.

As the lockdown starts to ease, we are beginning to increase our service levels to accommodate those who rely on the bus to get to and from work, school and shops. Please see the latest advice on keeping yourself safe on-board before making a journey.

If you, as a customer, are displaying signs of coronavirus, we ask that you do not use public transport at this time and follow the advice issued by the NHS.

Cleaning and safety

Wearing a face covering on-board is compulsory, unless you are exempt on medical grounds by law. Those who are exempt can apply for a Helping Hand card which will assist when challenged by drivers or other customers.

Safety is our number one priority. We are following the advice of the Government and Public Health England and are continually looking at ways to minimise contact and transmission.

Bus operators have extensive cleaning regimes that maintain high levels of hygiene for passengers to protect the health and well-being of their customers and employees. These regimes are carefully monitored and reviewed. We are ensuring a greater focus on high-touch areas and increasing activity where necessary. We also have window stickers and next stop announcements, asking people to sit in the window seat unless in family groups to maintain social distancing, and we are asking customers to pay using contactless or mobile app to minimise cash handling - however, cash payments are still accepted for those who cannot pay by any other means.

We have also installed safety screens in our driving cabs to create a protective layer between our drivers and customers.

Enhanced social distancing measures have been put in place across our buses including some seats being made out of use. To maintain social distancing, we will only accept a certain number of passengers on each bus and some buses may reach a temporary capacity meaning they cannot accept any more customers. We will regularly monitor this to ensure that we try to have the right capacity running at all times. Please observe the on-board guidance regarding where to sit to maintain a good distance between you and other passengers.

Ticket acceptance

Concessionary pass restrictions have returned to normal.

We are no longer offering joint ticketing with Yellow Buses.

How services are running

To find out how our services our running, please visit our Timetables & Maps page.

To maintain social distancing, we have relocated some of our services within and around Poole Bus Station. Some stands have been blocked off and others have been relocated to other spots on Kingland Road and Seldown Coach Park. Please see the map and list below so you know where you will need to catch your bus from.

An image of a map of Poole Bus Station showing the stand changes from 31st May 2020

Additionally, from Sunday 14th June, there will be some stand changes in Bournemouth Square/Gervis Place, with some services departing from Westover Road (next to the Pavilion Theatre). Please see the map and list below so you know where you will need to catch your bus from.

Image of a map of the stand changes at Bournemouth Square

Some roadside and website/mobile app live time information may be inaccurate - view our guide on this. We are updating printed roadside publicity at key hub bus stops, but lesser used stops may be incorrect.

This situation will be reviewed regularly, and if we need to make any further changes, we will update you in the normal way.

Customer support

Our Poole travel shop has re-opened. Before planning to make a visit, please read our guide on how our travel shop experience has changed.

Our customer service team continue to be on hand to assist with any queries you may have, but they are operating to revised hours: Monday to Friday 8am until 5pm with a lunchtime closure between 1pm and 1:30pm, until further notice. We ask that if your query isn't urgent, that you contact us using the online form as our telephone resource is limited.

Thank you!

Once again, we pay thanks to our fantastic colleagues who are still keeping the wheels turning, and to you, our customers, for your support and cooperation in this difficult time.