How to catch the bus

We have been working closely with a disability awareness group and based on their feedback, we have put this together to try and make catching the bus easier for those who may need a little extra help and support.

We strive to make our buses as accessible as possible to everyone in our community and are pleased to provide this guidance to those who need it.

Here's your guide to catching the bus!

Step 1: Plan your journey online or on our app.

Plan your journey image of a lady on a laptop

Step 2: Could you use your smartphone as your ticket - consider buying tickets on the app in advance.

Consider buying your ticket on the app image of a man with his phone and a ticket

Step 3: Always know where your bus is, track your bus in live time on our app.

track your bus in live times image of someone sitting cross legged on their phone

If you're not using our app to track buses, please arrive at the bus stop 5 minutes before the bus is due to leave.

Step 4: Are you ready? Make sure you have your fare or ticket ready when you're at the bus stop.

Have your ticket ready image of someone sat at the bus stop of their phone

Step 5: If you can see your bus coming, put your hand out to signal for the bus to stop.

image of someone putting their arm out to signal for the bus

Step 6: Do you have a ticket already? You will need to show your ticket to the driver or buy one on board. Try our tap on tap off service to board with ease.

image of someone showing their bus ticket to the driver

Step 7: Take a seat as quickly as you can.

Take a seat as quickly as possible image of people sitting on a bus

Step 8: Listen to the next stop announcements on the bus so you know where you are along the route.

Listen out for next stop announcements

Step 9: Press the bell when your stop has been announced, but please remain seated until the bus has stopped.

image of someone pressing the stop button on a bus

Step 10: Don't forget to tap off if you need to. You only do this if you tapped on to pay when you got on the bus.

Don't forget to tap off if you've paid with contactless

Step 11: Thank the driver and then leave the bus by the exit doors. It makes their day!

Image of someone getting off a bus

Step 12: If you forgot to tap off, or you have any other questions, don't hesitate to contact customer services here, or ask one of our drivers!


Here are some links that you may find useful:

Click here to plan your journey.

Click here to learn more about our app.

Get yourself a "helping hand" card that can help you discreetly let our drivers know if you need any assistance.