It's time to THINK BUS!

7 months ago Wed 20th Oct 2021

It’s time to think bus!

We’re sure you always have a carrier bag with you or enjoy your coffee from a re-usable cup.  Taking the bus is a responsible choice too.  We believe that the same effort should be put into reducing unnecessary car journeys as reducing single-use plastics.  If catching the bus is something new to you, or you haven’t done it in a while why not give our journey planner a try, find out what bus to catch and see how much Co2 you could save in comparison to driving a standard petrol car.


Fuel prices have become more expensive recently too, so look out for our latest offer leaflet coming to a letter box near you with exclusive savings on mobile app tickets.

Wherever you wish to go, we ask you to THINK BUS and be part of a bigger change for the future and reduce your carbon footprint.  Whether you’re commuting alone in your car, socialising with friends, going to your place of study, or just a day out, our bus services can take you to most of these things.

If travelling with friends, we have group tickets available too.

If you travel regularly, you can buy period passes or multi-day tickets on our app or if you would prefer to pay as you go, all our buses accept contactless payments.

Example trips and Co2 savings:

  • Taking the bus from Upper Parkstone Co-op (Ashley Road) to Bournemouth Square will save 886g of Co2 - which is the equivalent of charging your mobile 3752 times!
  • Taking the bus from Boscombe Library to Bournemouth Square will save 695g of CO2 – that’s the same as keeping a fridge running for 25 days!
  • Taking the bus from The Pilot, Canford Heath to Poole bus station will save 641g of CO2 – that’s the same as keeping a lightbulb on for 181 hours!
  • Taking the bus from Winton Banks to Royal Bournemouth Hospital will save 1652g of CO2 – that’s the same as making 701 cups of tea!

Using the bus is a sustainable choice and can provide the perfect and affordable solution to reducing air pollution and easing congestion whatever your reason to travel.