New bus service for Ferndown & Uddens Industrial Estate employees

1 year ago Thu 23rd May 2019

Picture of Andrew Wickham and Danny Godfrey in front of the FE1 Bus

Workers and visitors to Ferndown and Uddens Industrial Estates will soon have access to a free bus service from Poole.

The new FE1 service, which begins on Tuesday 28 May, is the result of a partnership between Morebus and Ferndown and Uddens Business Improvement District (BID). 

“At present we serve the industrial estates with our route 13 buses - but that means a significant walk for those working there,” said Morebus managing director, Andrew Wickham.

“Now, with investment from the BID, we are able to provide a free service from Poole via Ringwood Road - a significant step in opening up the estate to those who don’t have cars as well as encouraging those who do, to leave them at home and opt for sustainable transport instead.

“The service is available to people visiting the estates - as well as to those who work here. Making the site accessible, especially for younger people who may not have access to a car, means more of those living in the area will have the opportunity to seek and maintain employment here - and that can only be a good thing for the local community.”

Danny Godfrey chairman of the Ferndown and Uddens BID, added: “It is hoped that everyone will benefit from the new bus service. Our transport survey has calculated that if the bus service is successful it could reduce cars coming onto the estate by as much as 25% - meaning more parking spaces and less carbon emissions.

“The BID has been approached by many companies who are struggling to fill apprenticeships places. With the new bus service it is hoped that school leavers will now have an opportunity to work in the largest industrial estate in Dorset.”

The new FE1 route from Poole to Ferndown and Uddens Industrial Estates will run during peak travel times from Monday to Friday.