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Rockley Park to Sandbanks via Poole Quay, Poole, Lilliput

Light Up Poole (Poole Quay Diversion)

20th - 22nd Feb

Poole Quay will be closed each evening after 17:30 until the end of service on 20/02/2020-21/02/2020 and 22/02/2020 affecting our Breezer 60 and Route ONE service. 60 Services will be unable to serve Dolphin Quays, Poole Quay (Thistle Hotel), Ballard Road or Lander Close. Customers are advised to use Old Orchard or Poole Quarter instead. Services in the direction of Rockley Park are unaffected. Route ONE services will be unable to serve Old Orchard, The Slug and Lettuce, Poole Museum, Poole Quay North, The Lord Nelson and the Thistle Hotel. Customers are advised to use Lagland Street or Ballard Road instead. We greatly apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Pottery Road Diversion

14th - 21st Feb

Due to works Route 60 and 20 are unable to serve Pottery Road. Route 60 will operate a direct service to Lilliput, serving all stops along Sandbanks Road. Route 20 will operate via Sandbanks Road, Elgin Road, Pottery / Conifer Avenue before turning into Broadwater avenue to resume normal route. Temporary stops will be located at the entrance of Broadwater Avenue. The following stops cannot be served during this time- -Court Stores and Post Office. -Doulton Road -Conifer Avenue Your nearest alternative stops are located at- -Whitecliff Post Office -Whitecliff Recreation Ground -Elgin Road (Sandbanks Road) -Elgin Road / Cemetery (20 Only) -Temp Stop Broadwater Avenue (20 Only) We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused during this time.

Route map

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- - - 09:1010:1011:1012:1013:1014:1015:1016:1017:1018:10
- - - 09:1510:1511:1512:1513:1514:1515:1516:1517:1518:15
- - - 09:1810:1811:1812:1813:1814:1815:1816:1817:1818:18
- - - 09:2210:2211:2212:2213:2214:2215:2216:2217:2218:22
- - - 09:2410:2411:2412:2413:2414:2415:2416:2417:2418:24
06:5808:0408:4409:4410:4411:4412:4413:4414:4415:4416:4417:44 -
- - 08:4709:4710:4711:4712:4713:4714:4715:4716:4717:47 -
07:0208:0808:5209:5210:5211:5212:5213:5214:5215:5216:5217:52 -
- - 08:5509:5510:5511:5512:5513:5514:5515:5516:5517:55 -
- - 08:5709:5710:5711:5712:5713:5714:5715:5716:5717:57 -
07:0908:1509:0510:0511:0512:0513:0514:0515:0516:0517:0518:05 -