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Poole to Poole via Creekmoor, Upton, Turlin Moor, Hamworthy

Coles Avenue Closure

24th Feb onwards

Due to emergency works along Coles Avenue resulting in a Road Closure our service 8&9 must divert for an approximate period of 3 weeks. Service 9 will serve all stops along Lake Road and Coles Avenue as normal before diverting via Legion Road and Rockley Road. The 9 will then run back along Lake Road before diverting via Blandford road to resume normal service from Hamworthy CO-OP. Service 8 will run direct via Blandford Road before resuming normal route at Hamworthy CO-OP. Due to this diversion the 8 is unable to serve any stops along Lake Road and Coles Avenue Customers are advised to use the number 9 as a shuttle service when wishing to board an 8 then alight at bus stops along Blandford Road. Customers wishing to transfer to the number 9 can do so at The Red Lion. We apologise for any inconvenience / delay caused during these works.

Route map

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