Timetable improvements to our Damory services from Sunday 18 February

5 months ago Tue 30th Jan 2024

timetable improvements from Sunday 18 February

From Sunday 18 February, there will be some timetable and route changes to some of our Damory routes. Please see below for details:

Route Changes

Dorchester western circular via Poundbury and Maiden Castle - retimed for reliability.

Route 1 updated PDF timetable.


Dorchester eastern circular via Fordington - retimed for reliability.

Route 2 updated PDF timetable.


Dorchester to Weymouth via Warmwell and Broadmayne - retimed for reliability.

Route 5 updated PDF timetable.


Dorchester circular via Dorset County Hospital and Poundbury - retimed for reliability.

Route 6 updated PDF timetable.


Blandford to Shaftesbury renumbered the CR7 (under instructions from Dorset County Council) - some journeys retimed for reliability, particularly around school times.

CR7 updated PDF timetable.


Reawarded to us under contract to Dorset County Council, but renumbered the CR8. Rerouted in Blandford to serve Blandford Hospital and Heddington Drive. Retimed for reliability. ALL journeys will serve Dorchester South Station.

CR8 updated PDF timetable.


Reawarded to us under contract to Dorset County Council, but renumbered the CR9. Most journeys extended to serve Blandford and Blandford Hospital. Towards Dorchester, all journeys extended to serve more of the town including Dorset County Hospital.

CR9 updated PDF timetable.

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