Travel with us and help improve the environment

1 year ago Fri 2nd Aug 2019

Morebus has responded to a report - that Bournemouth has the potential to become the UK’s most environmentally sustainable ‘city’ - by urging local people and visitors to leave their cars at home and use sustainable transport instead.

The report - called UK Powerhouse - was produced by law firm Irwin Mitchell, alongside the Centre for Economic & Business Research. It concluded that Bournemouth has seen carbon emissions reduce per capita at an average rate of 4.9 percent since 2011. Despite this, only three percent of those working in the area uses low emission, sustainable, transport - like bus or train - for commuting.

“We know that some bus running times have increased between Poole and Bournemouth over recent years - and this is a direct consequence of the number of cars circulating in the area,” said Morebus managing director Andrew Wickham.

“A large number of visitors to Bournemouth already use the bus, but journey times would decrease greatly if even more people chose to leave their cars at home. And improving travel times for those living and working in the area is not the only advantage public transport can bring.

“Over the past year we have invested £7.2 million in 41 newer, more efficient, buses for our M1 and M2 routes - with a further £1.23 million in five new double decker buses for our route 13 due to arrive in September this year. It’s important to remember that just one of these larger buses has the potential to take 75 cars off the road.

“We also work hard to enhance the ways in which our buses are driven - through intensive coaching - helping us identify further areas of improvement in terms of exhaust emissions.

“As well as improving reliability and convenience for people in-and-around Bournemouth, buses can provide the perfect and affordable answer to reducing air pollution and congestion.

“BCP Council recently declared a climate and ecological emergency - and Morebus is dedicated to playing our part in tackling that.

“We will be doing everything possible over the coming months and years to make travelling by bus a more attractive proposition - helping to reduce the impact current congestion levels have on the local community.”