Changes to return fares from Sunday 28 January

1 month ago Tue 16th Jan 2024

changes to return fares image

From Sunday 28 January, there will be a minor fares change affecting a small amount of return fares. Most return fares are capped at £4 because of the £2 single fare cap initiative (£2 each way).

Any return fares that are £3.30 or below will increase to £3.60*.

Any return fares that are £3.40 or above will increase to £4.00. If you are affected by this change, we recommend you switch to tap on tap off contactless payments so there is no need for a paper ticket.

*The X3 is an exception to this. On this service, return fares that are £2.90 or below will increase to £3.50. Return fares above £3.50 will increase to £4.00.

For regular travellers, these changes will not affect the price of your tickets. Only return tickets are affected. Period passes, multi-trips and multi-day bundles offer the best value for money, and even more so if you buy them on the morebus app. Click here to find out more about our period, multi-trip and multi-day tickets for more cost-effective travel.

We recommend you download the morebus app where you can buy the best value tickets, plan your journey and track our buses in live times.