Lulworth Cove is a lovely spot of beauty and tranquility. The pebble beach and blue waters of Lulworth Cove make it an extremely popular destination.

It was formed approximately 10,000 years ago by the powers of the sea. With a charming place to stop for a bite to eat, Lulworth Cove is perfect for a relaxing walk along the coastline.

It is just a short walk to other famous landmarks along the coast including Durdle Door. The coast around Lulworth is a fantastic place to see blow holes, caves, arches and coves.

You can catch the 30 from Swanage, Wool or Weymouth or the 31 from Wool directly to Lulworth Cove. Use the Journey Planner on our website or app to plan a journey to Lulworth Cove today.

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