Summer route and timetable changes

5 years ago Fri 10th May 2019

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From Saturday 25th May, we launch our summer service change to accommodate for the busy and sunny season up ahead! There's lots to see and do in Bournemouth, Poole and surrounding areas including our recommended doorstep adventures by bus!

As part of our changes, we will be withdrawing the 152 and merging it with the Purbeck Breezer 60. The revised 60 route will run from Rockley Park to Sandbanks via Poole Bus Station following the existing 152 and 60 routes excluding Norton Way/Shapwick Road. Journeys towards Sandbanks will also serve Poole Quay.

The 10 towards Lytchett Matravers will be rerouted via Organford Manor Country Park and Farmer Palmers to provide new connections with some additional timing changes.

What's more, due to popular demand, the X8A will additionally serve Blandford Tesco to improve links on this service.

As usual, the Purbeck Breezer 30, Purbeck Breezer 70 and Durlston Explorer 5 are back for the summer season with increased operating dates on some routes and enhanced frequencies on the Purbeck Breezer 50 and Purbeck Breezer 60.

With our new website, you can now preview your timetable in advance by clicking on the route number links below. These have been automatically set to 3rd June to show you the school day timetable, but you can set this to any date you like to see the timetable for a specific day.

New timetable books will be available from the morebus travel shop and usual outlets from the middle of May.

Summary of changes

Route Changes
m1/m2 An additional bus will be added in response to worsening traffic congestion and there will be some minor changes to the timetable to try and give more capacity due to increasing customer demand. Early evening frequency has also been increased
8/9 Evening journeys leaving Poole after 19:00 will serve Lower Hamworthy regardless of bridge lift times. If Poole Bridge is closed, services will double-back to Twin Sails Bridge at the Old Bridge roundabout via Station Road, Norton Way and Blandford Road after serving Lower Hamworthy
10 Following public demand, the 10 will be re-routed towards Lytchett Matravers via Organford Manor Country Park and Farmer Palmers providing new connections to these sites. There will also be timetable changes during peak times
11 The first set of Monday to Friday journeys will be retimed to start earlier.
  • 07:05 (school days) / 07:15 (non-school days) from Poole will be retimed to 06:55 (school days) / 07:02 (non-school days)
  • 07:24 (school days) / 07:34 (non-school days) from Bearwood will be retimed to 07:14 (school days) / 07:21 (non-school days)
  • The 15:35 and 16:35 journeys from Poole will have different intermediate stop times
13 The current A338 temporary roadworks timetable will finish and the normal timetable resume from 25th May
14 An additional evening journey (21:15 from Royal Bournemouth Hospital on Mondays to Saturdays) will run to accommodate shift end times at Royal Bournemouth Hospital with minor general time changes during peak hours and weekends
15 Minor timetable change designed to ensure better reliability at peak times
Purbeck Breezer 30

Re-introduced for a longer operating season in response to increasing popularity. A daily service will run during the May half term (25 May - 2 June) and again during the summer peak season (24 June - 21 September). A Saturday/Sunday only service will run from 3 June to 23 June

Purbeck Breezer 40 The enhanced summer evening timetable comes back into operation, in addition to two late journeys which are completely new for this summer - leaving Poole at 21:50 and leaving Swanage at 23:00 - allowing visitors and locals to enjoy the evening events running in the Isle of Purbeck. Most Monday to Saturday journeys are also retimed
Purbeck Breezer 50 A half-hourly weekend service will run from 25 May to 21 September. Frequency will be increased with the half-hourly Monday to Friday timetable operating in May half term and again between 22 July and 30 August
Purbeck Breezer 60 Will be extended from Poole town centre to Hamworthy and Rockley Park via the majority of the 152 route (which will be withdrawn) providing new links to Sandbanks, Poole Quay and Rockley Park. The timetable will remain similar to present times with a few minor changes. Journeys from Rockley Park will be routed via New Orchard, Old Orchard, The Quay, Ballard Road, Green Gardens, Furnell Road and Seldown Bridge. Journeys from Sandbanks/Poole towards Rockley Park will be routed via Towngate Bridge, North Street, Lagland Street, Old Orchard and New Orchard. The Norton Way loop will no longer be served and customers will need to use Potters Arms stops. The half-hourly Poole to Sandbanks direct service will operate for a longer season now running on all weekends, public holidays and school holidays between 25 May and 21 September, with the Purbeck Breezer 70 serving Pottery Road and Canford Cliffs
Purbeck Breezer 70 Route 70 is back! It will operate for a longer season now running on all weekends, public holidays and school holidays between 25 May and 21 September. The 70 will run in conjunction with the 60 providing a service to Pottery Road and Canford Cliffs whilst the 60 operates a direct service to Sandbanks. The last two journeys to Bournemouth will start from Sandbanks instead of Poole, providing extra buses back from the beach
Durlston Explorer 5 The Durlston Explorer 5 will be back with the same timetable and fare prices running between Swanage and Durlston Country Park. The route will operate between 25 May and 21 September
119 Good news! We are re-introducing a Saturday service which is to be funded by Lymington & Pennington Town Council
152 Will be merging to become the Purbeck Breezer 60 - see 60 above
Bluestar 6 The timetable has been revised with additional running times which is designed to maintain reliability. The morning peak service is revised following the loss of funding from Hampshire County Council, with the 06:57 morning journey from Lymington now departing at 06:22. This service terminates at Totton on school days meaning customers will need to change, with the service continuing to Southampton on school holidays. The existing 08:30 from Southampton will now depart at 09:00
UNIBUS U1 Seasonal reduction in service to 6 buses per hour due to lower customer numbers in the summer term. UNIBUS vacation service starts 24 June until 20 September
X1/X2 Revised timetable with small changes to certain journeys designed to improve reliability
X8A The route will be extended to Blandford Tesco following popular demand. Customers will normally be able to remain on the bus but it may sometimes be necessary to change buses to continue into the town

The New Forest Tour will be back from 6 July until 8 September.