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Defective traffic lights Yeomans Way Castlepoint

Today 10:24 - 19:00

Due to defective traffic lights at Yeomans Way / Castle Lane West junction we are seeing delays to the 14/15/20/m1 services. BCP are working with the traffic light engineers to resolve the issue. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Poole Hill Closure from 0800 on 18/10/2021 until 1800 on 01/11/2021

18th Oct - 1st Nov

Poole Hill closure from 0800 on 18/10/2021 until 1800 on 01/11/2021

From 0800 on the 18/10/2021 until 1800 on 01/11/2021 Poole Hill will be closed for resurfacing works.

During this time a number of our services will be subject to diversions.

•The M1, M2, 16 and U4 will divert via Durley Road, Westcliff Road and Priory Road during the works and will serve all stops along the diversion route - in both directions.

•Route 20 will divert as above towards Castlepoint and will not serve the entirety of Avenue Road, Bourne Avenue and Braidley Road in this direction.
Towards Poole Route 20 will continue to serve Braidley Road and Bourne Avenue before diverting Via Norwich Avenue and Cambridge Road, resuming normal route from St Michaels Roundabout.

•Route 32 will not serve Bournemouth Triangle and will instead finish its route and begin service to Poole from Bournemouth Pier Stand CC

We regret that we cannot serve the following stops during the road closure-

•St Michaels Roundabout (Towards Bournemouth) M1/M2/16/20/U4 - Please use our temporary stop in Durley Chine Road opposite the Westcliff Hotel

•Poole Hill M1/M2/16/20/U4 - Towards Bournemouth use our temporary stop opposite the Westcliff Hotel (Durley Chine Rd South), and towards Westbourne use St Michaels roundabout, though some customers may find the Savoy Hotel stops (both ways) in Westcliff Road move convenient.

•Poole Hill 20 - (Towards Poole) Please use the bus stop at St Michaels Roundabout

•Terrace Road (Stop J) M1/M2/16/32/U4 - the closest stop is in Gervis Place, stop R, though some customers might find the Beacon Road stop on Priory Road more convenient

•The Triangle (Stand A) 32 - the closest stops are in Gervis Place - board at stop R

•Bourne Avenue 20 (towards Castlepoint) - the closest stop is located in Gervis Place- board at stop P, after which the bus will divert via Horseshoe Common and Richmond Hill roundabout to Wimborne Road.

•Merlewood Close 20 (towards Castlepoint) - the closest alternative stop is on Wimborne Road at the top of Braidley Road.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

These disruptions could affect future journeys

Britannia Road and Salterns Road Closure

13th Nov

  • Affected routes:
  • 20

Due to the Closure of Britannia Road and Salterns Road for one day only on 23/10/2021 route 20 will divert via Sanbanks Road.

The following stops will not be served

Britannia Road
Ashley Cross Library
Commercial Road

Your nearest stop is located at Pottery Road.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.