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Coronavirus - see the latest on how we're running

17th Apr onwards

Our buses are currently running to revised timetables due to the coronavirus epidemic. Please see our dedicated article for the latest information.

Temporary Route 56 from 26th October

24th - 31st Oct

From 26th October until 31st October, between 0730 - 1830 daily, there will be a temporary Route 56 service running instead of our usual Route 5 and 6 service. This is due to the resurfacing of Sherborn Crescent, so route 5 and 6 will be unable to serve a section of Sherborn Crescent.

This means that the following stops cannot be served between 0730 and 1830 each day;

Ad-Astra School
Warmwell Close
Henbury Close
Between 0730 and 1830, the temporary Route 56 will run to a temporary timetable, instead of Route 5 and 6 service. Outside of these times, Route 5 and 6 services will operate to its normal timetable. Click the heading to view the temporary timetable.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Closure of Sway Road Brockenhurst

5th Oct - 9th Nov

As of 5th Oct, for 8 weeks most of Sway road will be closed from 7.30 am to 6pm. During these hours' passengers will need to make their way to Brockenhurst Station to board and alight the B*6 and 706 in both directions.

Poole Quay/High Street Closure - RouteONE diversion

27th Jun - 26th Dec

BCP Council have opted to close parts of Poole Quay and the High Street to enable social distancing. As a result, the RouteONE will need to be diverted. Read the full article by clicking the header.