Mr Mulligan's is a unique and exciting adventure golf venue, with a large restaurant and late night bars. Situated opposite the Hilton Hotel, this spectacular leisure setting will showcase three out of this world golf courses with some of the UK’s most exciting on-course, immersive technology.

Whether you are 3 years old, a university student or a 75 year old grandmother, this activity is bound to create lifelong smiles and laughs amongst your group. Enjoy fantastic food from the restaurant and bar, which will include junior meals and sharing plates to complete your perfect day out.

Many of our buses stop in Bournemouth Square - in the centre of Bournemouth Town Centre - just a short walk from Mr Mulligans. These include, but are not limited to, the m1m2135070X1X2X3, and X6. Use the Journey Planner on our website or app to plan a journey to Mr Mulligans today.

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